It is said that children are the window into a community. ICC Australia believes that children are not just to be protected, but to be blessed with a supportive family, dignity, human rights and a hopeful future. Children benefit directly when their education and health needs are met and food security and safe housing is available. ICC offer child protection and sustainable livelihoods. 


Wyndham Early Learning sponsor Jerald and Shen and we  provide them both with nutritious food, safe shelter, medical care and the opportunity to complete education. Jerald and Shen writes to Wyndham Early Learning once every six months.


Gerald's Profile

Gerald's Profile

Name: Jerald Agollio

D.O.B: 25/12/2004

Education level: Grade 4

Academic Performance: Excellent

Health: Excellent

About me: Jerald is a quiet, thoughtful, and friendly boy who always wears a smile. He is smart, attentive, and always strives to be responsible. Jerald is doing very well at school. He reviews his lessons every night and is always eager to learn more. He received medals for his academic achievements at the end of the previous school year. Jerald is very close to his brother, who he loves very much. They can often be found playing guitar and singing together. Jerald participates in church services, and will lead songs and prayer. In his free time he loves reading story books, and playing basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer.

Jerald (June, 2016)

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