Family Day Care Services Provided

Our  Co-ordination Unit is a Private provider located in the Western Suburbs in Melbourne.
Wyndham early Learning provides the following types of care for children aged up to 12 years. These are:

Full-time, part-time care for children, Before and After school care, School holiday care, Emergency care , care for children with additional needs.

Family Day Care provides a wide range of childcare options in a home-based setting.It offers flexibility for parents and we have highly Qualified Educators.

Educators will, where possible, be able to deliver and collect children from local kindergarten sessions, or school. This enables family groups to stay together in the care environment.

Our nutrition philosophy

At Wyndham Early Learning Family day Care, we are passionate about introducing and educating  the children to all aspects of  nutrition, health and well-being. Learning about a healthy lifestyle assists children to build confidence in themselves and have a sense of well-being.

Wyndham Early Learning Family day Care is to promote and influence healthy food choices for children. Our work is guided by following 6 key messages:

 1. Variety

Mix things up every day at every meal with foods from all 5 food groups. Include lots of color and different textures.

 2. Whole core foods

Choose nutritious foods from the 5 core food groups with minimal processing. Make sure you can identify what is in the food you are eating

 3. Balance

Remember ‘extra’ foods aren’t every day foods. Enjoy core foods first and incorporate 30mins of planned exercise daily.

 4. Portions

Get to know appropriate serving sizes and read labels for guidance.

 5. Eat meals together

Sit down to share food moments with family and friends without distraction.

 6. Practice mindful eating

Be aware of hunger cues and take time out to eat and experience the moment.


How much does the education and care cost?

Since each Wyndham early Learning  Family Day Care service is a unique business entity, costs vary based on your educator experience and location. We do have an approved fee schedule for our educators and the fees need to be within the approved price range. You will need to discuss this with Wyndham Early Learning FDC co ordination unit to determine fees and pricing.

We would love to hear from you if  Wyndham Early Learning Family Day Care Service suits your family’s care needs.

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